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clearing of throat, stepping up onto soapbox

this comes a bit late – after all, congress did (unsurprisingly) reach something not unlike a budget compromise at the eleventh hour, thereby avoiding a government shutdown, aka y2k+11.  but i have to put in my two cents (aside from the fact that i think almost all congressional representatives, democrat and republican, need to be poked in the eye and replaced by real people in lieu of political emotibots).

there was a big movement on facebook in the days leading up to the Great Government Shutdown Scare of 2011 to ensure that, even in the event of a shutdown (this year or in the future), measures would be taken to make sure that troops serving abroad would continue to be paid.  and while i think that is a noble cause on many levels, and while i would never be in favor of depriving our troops of their pay, i don’t think they should be paid in the event of a shutdown.  why?  because the military is the last branch of public servants left (besides legislators, oddly enough) that haven’t yet become vilified in public opinion because of labor and union issues.  and because nothing would put more pressure on our congresspeople to take a deep breath, get the party line sticks out of their asses, and make real, meaningful, immediate compromise than a whole lot of pissed-off troops, veterans, military families, and american citizens in general.  it would be a real wake-up call… and let’s face it, congress needs a wake up call REAL BAD.

and to all of you legislators out there in the ether who, unfortunately, do not read my blog, and even more unfortunately, are attempting to pass legislation vilifying rape victims, limiting health care to those who need it most, and stripping rights away from people who have vaginas (since you fall into none of those three categories): you may all go do something obscenely biological to yourselves in a corner until such time as i have less adorno to read and more time to write up an eloquent excoriation of you and everything you stand for.


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essays, essays everywhere

i’ve spent the better part of the weekend (wearing my new fleece-lined sweatshirt and) grading my students’ independent project essays, and it’s been quite the ride.  i’ve learned a lot about a variety of topics – want to know when the hofbräuhaus was built, what composers influenced schubert, or how much a loaf of bread cost in germany in 1923?  i’m your woman.  there are moments when i’ve had to stare at the page and beg it to tell me what IN THE SAM HELL the student is trying to say because the german is so all over the place.  (you did what?  to who?  for how many jellybeans?  that poor dog!)  there are moments when i celebrate that some small grammatical lesson has finally ‘stuck’.  and above all, it has made me appreciate the people (k-dawg and b in particular) who taught me how to write.

dear b,
vielen, vielen dank, dass du mir in meinem ersten uni-jahr beigebracht hast, wie man einen aufsatz schreibt.  also, i’m terribly sorry for all the many drafts i made you read, the crappy grammar and crappier essay structure i put you through, and the complete pig-headedness with which i refused to believe that my essay-writing needed to be improved upon.  which it totally did, my god.  i hope that i can be as patient with my students as you were with me.

also, after all that drama with the conference keynote speaker, he decided to stay through saturday.  so there!

and in martha stewart that i was reading this weekend (omigosh terrible addiction i will never do productive work again), there was this lovely bookshelf:
Martha Stewart Tree Bookshelf
for only $2,500!  my goodness!  perhaps one day i will become very crafty and make one of my own, and use it to decorate one of my bed and breakfast rooms.  because… drool.  perhaps that will be the theme for the b&b: a different cool/crazy bookshelf in each room.  !!!

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