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is it dinnertime yet?

currently in the process of 1) not panicking about the conference in two days and 2) applying for two jobs in boston.  since the best technique for the former seems to be to ignore it, i think i shall post about the latter…

one of them is for the steppingstone foundation in boston, which supports underserved but dedicated students in getting a good education.  plus bob clagett, midd dean of admissions who really liked me when i worked in the admissions office, is on their board of trustees, so i can drop some namez.  i would be doing some curriculum development (i assume for their summer school program), some activity development, some family support/outreach, and some counseling of students.  it is really appealing to have a giving-back-related job on my plate, because most of the non-profit jobs i’d found elsewhere require things like peace corps experience or a social work degree, neither of which i have.  and after 2 years in academia, fully ignoring the outside world, i feel like this would be a good step for me.

the other job in boston is teaching german classes through the goethe institut.  which would be kind of grand, because it would allow me to continue teaching without having to achieve pesky public school credentials.  a lot of the materials i’ve developed, especially my grammar packets, are quite a hot commodity among my colleagues this year, and i feel pretty good about myself as a teacher (recent german 104 essays and exams notwithstanding).  and i like teaching!  i taught a fun and good lesson today, which is always thoroughly satisfying.

there’s also the fact that i just updated my academic cv to include the 2 conferences i’ll be presenting at this spring (one in kentucky, one in washington dc) and the book review that i wrote that will be published (!), which makes me feel excellently academic and intellectual and inclined to name my next pet archimedes or something.

things i miss right now:
my parents and sisters, my middlebury friends and professors
pho!  it has been too long!
my grandmother and her sappy barbara streisand addiction
ballet, theater, and choir.  le sigh.
crocheting, preferably while watching firefly

coconut lentil soup simmering on the stove, cat watching me type, fro-yo date tonight.  no conference.  don’t know what you’re talking about.


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