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if you liked it, then you shoulda put a jingle bell on it

the adventure of the cat hairball remedy: mal’s been coughing oddly for a couple of weeks now, and we thought it might be that he has dust in his throat from the heat system, or that he’s having a hard time hair-ball-ing.  we called the vet to ask about this, because we are Worried Cat Moms, and she said either it’s asthma (please don’t be asthma) or hairball-type irritation.
solution: tube of essentially brown, malt-flavored vaseline.  cat eats brown goo, brown goo lubes up throat, no more coughing.  right?  wrong.
if the cat won’t take the goo off your fingers (which, of course, he won’t, being feline and widerlich by nature), you’re supposed to smear it on his paw pads, which will irritate him enough to lick it off.  or just, you know, shake gobs of it all over the kitchen.  so you try glomming it onto one of his favorite treats.  which he extracts from the middle of the goo, carries over to another part of the kitchen, and spits out.  and then refuses to touch.
glom it onto his pawsies again.  he shakes it off.  all over.  collect the bits.  really rub it into the furry bits between the paw pads; careful to avoid sharp kitten fangs.  …eventually, he licks it off.  and then decides, purring, to lick some of the gobs off the floor.

…repeat 3 times a week.

i don’t think i’ll ever be able to handle having babies.

i’m planning a somewhat independent study-like thing for next quarter, in which i will be reading theory relevant to history and memory post-war.  and for which i was told in a meeting today that walter benjamin just… isn’t kb’s bag.  haha.  anyway, kind of excited.  and now thinking about writing on paul celan, because the idea i had about peter weiss would be better for jd’s class next fall.  (next fall?  wait, didn’t i just apply for two jobs this afternoon?)

also, so that i don’t forget to put this (not in as many words, or even the same language) in the composition i have to write for my cult fiction class next week: you can call max demian the fischerkönig all you want, but the only way i’m buying demian as a grail novel, *especially* as specifically parzifal and not just archetypally grail-ish, is if you mention the harmony/unity of two worlds bit (the safe, home, allowable world vs. the corrupt outside world in demian, the world of court vs. the spiritual world in parzifal).  trust me, it’s gonna be big.  but then again, i said that about my theory that parzifal was a pseudo-bildungsroman, and apparently it’s been done.  by, like, thomas mann.  bastard.



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silly cat

for chanukkah, jonathan and tolgonay gave mal these little balls that are basically ping-pong balls with a little sand or something in them, which makes them rattle, covered in fabric.  he LOVES them and chases them around all the time and makes a ton of noise with them.  bonus: they are too big for him to pick up in his mouth, so he can’t bring them upstairs and bother us with them while we’re sleeping.  additional bonus: if you put one in a shoe, since he can’t pick it up to take it out, hilarity ensues.


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