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pretentiousness compounded, and biscuits

i keep starting entries and not finishing them. my blog is… what, not even a month old… and i’m already neglecting it. i blame it on grad school, the end of the quarter, my inability to write a sentence that isn’t either 3 or 80+ words long, the grey weather, lack of sleep brought on by weather, kitten, radiator-wife, anxiety, and sleeping on a futon, and a general sense of ambiguity toward all aspects of life not related to cooking or baking.

we got up early and went to yoga this morning (before even eating breakfast!) and it felt LOVELY to just hang out with my body for the 90 minutes. i had my glasses off, and found the class challenging enough that my body and remembering to breathe were about the only things i could pay attention to, which was amazing.  and then we came home and i made whole-wheat biscuits and hannah made scrambled eggs and we had a lovely hot brunch with tea.  good for the psyche, if not necessarily for the to-do list.

messy yogurt biscuits:
4 T butter
2 cups flour (i used 1/2 cup whole wheat, 1 1/2 cups white)
1/2 t salt
1 t baking soda
1 T baking powder
1 cup yogurt (i used vanilla because it was what we had in the house.  so sue me.)
stir together dry ingredients, and crumble together with butter until combined.  add yogurt.   glomp dough (yes, glomp is the technical term) into a rectangle about 3/4″ thick, cut out into circles, bake at 450* for 7-9 minutes.  serve with jam and a steaming hot side of holy-crap-i’m-hungry.  and a cup of tea.

none of the usual methods for fighting the villainous apathy of the end of the quarter seem to be working.  yes, this paper represents the last time i will have to deal with Professor Muppet-Legs until my MA exam.  yes, the weather is too grey to be tempting me outside.  yes, i love the remaining works that we’re reading in my non-boring-as-hell seminar.  yes, there will be sibling visit, pleasant if business-related trip out of town, and general opportunities for sleeping in during spring break.  (perhaps there will even be sunshine!  if not, i will be needing a recipe for groundhog stew: curse you, punxsutawney phil!)

so i wrote this composition early last week (monday, all in one day!  in case you were wondering, i am the biggest procrastinator in life!) in which one of my sentences was a 72-word, 6-clause behemouth.  and since the assignment was 800-1000 words, i was kind of tempted (challenge accepted!) to try and write the composition in 11 sentences.  which didn’t happen.  but anyway, somehow, german has infiltrated the far reaches of my brain and made me write a 79-word sentence in my (english) seminar paper.  which is a problem, because these things are stylistically acceptable in german, but they are clunky and incoherent in english, especially when they represent my attempt to summarize ophelia’s role in hamlet in one sentence.  463 characters – too long for twitter, people.

Hark! A Vagrant!  Nietzsche

Neitzsche in, 'Thereafter Pretentious Men May Quote Me Ad Nauseum'

To friend Overbeck and wife.
Although you have so far demonstrated little faith in my ability to pay, I yet hope to demonstrate that I am somebody who pays his debts?for example, to you. I am just having all anti-Semites shot.

and now that i’ve written an entire (completely incoherent) entry, i shall post it!  and save the topic of motherhood, which was the topic of the post i’d been writing, for another time!


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Aye! Robot 2 (Beaver and Steve)

buzzword of this year: AMBIVALENCE!!  today is a day in which, for some unfathomable reason, i am operating under the assumption that i will continue at osu and get my phd.  i’m making lists of theoreticians to read and professors to put on my committee and thinking of ways to make my dissertation interesting enough to make me competitive on the job market.  practicing my skills in close reading, making Important Connections, and (most importantly) BS-ing.  thinking of what gen ed course i will teach so that my syllabus is awesome and compelling.  h has a phone interview this afternoon for a great job (in texas).  and yet, some part of me has decided, just for today, that a phd is in my future.  which on some levels is comforting, and on some levels is terrifying.

i made two kinds of veggie wraps on the weekend (hummus with carrots, peppers, spinach, and sprouts; thai peanut sauce with carrots, seasoned cucumbers, spinach, and sprouts) and they are very tasty but not quite enough to be a valid lunch.  i will need to work on adding some size and calories to them (tofu? cheese?) and developing some other flavor combinations if this is to become a habit.  not to mention, i will need to get faster at making them, so that they don’t eat my saturday morning in quite the same way that they did this week.

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