i’m still alive, among other things

i thought that writing about a new book that no one’s written about would be FUN and EXCITING and LIBERATING, but really it’s just hard.  and i find myself making these large crazy gestures of interpretation (metaphysical life after death through narration!  associative families!  streams of omniscience!  …goodness, it hurts.) as if to compensate for the fact that i am writing about this one tiny aspect of this massively complicated book.

i will return to the blog-o-sphere, i am sure, when i am done with papers/ grades/ stupid research job of stupidness.

never fear.  supper.



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2 responses to “i’m still alive, among other things

  1. Alison

    Oh man, a stupid research job of stupidness? That sounds too bad, but you have named it well. Good luck finishing up the paper!

  2. Hannah

    Ok, now I’m totally convinced that you’re dead, there’s no other explanation. Poor Nizzie! Miss you!

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